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Brandon Booth & Project Praise Put on a "Jesus Paid it All" Show

La' Shaun Jenice

June 7, 2014


Lights …Camera … Action …. Hitting the Stage … its Brandon Booth and Project Praise.

Crossing the threshold of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Baltimore Maryland, I have entered the land of P-Tropolis in the early 1930’s. Millions of jobs and businesses are lost due to the devastation of the Great Depression. The story and journey of Club Glitz comes alive with a masterpiece of praise and worship.


Right when all hope seems lost, songs like “Jesus Paid it All” rings in the back of my mind. The harmonic angelic vocals of leads Brandon A. Booth and Klaire S. Talbert reassures that “Heaven has already been paid for.” Sure to be a hit onWEAA The Voice of Community next Sunday morning, “Never Too Much Love” marked the beginning of brilliant vocal arrangement and a hidden gem in the voice of Lennea W. Boyd. To my surprise, Ms. Boyd had more than a couple of runs, but a professional tone of superior altoness. {Yes, I made that word up.}


It wouldn’t be a project of praise if we didn’t go to church with “I Can Depend on God” featuring Baltimore’s own April Hall. She was giving all types of “Mahalia Jackson” on this track. And to think that she was auditioning for a set at Club Glitz . . . . won’t spoil the details.


As the house lights burned bright for intermission I was able to run into some of Baltimore's favorite gospel artists and musicians ~ Steve McCoy, Eric Waddell, Mandela, Min. Vonita White, Donte Young, Vocal Director – Jimmy J and Pastor Kenyon Southers of Salt Nation Church &  Ministries. It was a great sight to see the support of fellow independent local artist; a true purplepink moment. 

Regardless of the theatrics and skits, Brandon Nance lead the audience into what he called “unmanufactured worship” -- An authentic sound of worship presented by the band – Daniel Curtis (Keys/Organ), Ryan Kaz Turner (Percussion), Dominique Brice (Keys/Organ), Joseph Pryor (Bass Guitar), Michael Gary II (Lead Guitar), BBHornz (Horn Section), Tayvon Booze (Track Effects), and De’Andre Tyson (Band Assistant.). 

The formula that won the evening: Visual + Music + God’s Love = Project Praise Experience. I was intrigued by the professional production. I could acknowledge and receive the hard work that was sown into this project. Through this illustration, Project Praise has elevated what worship is and how it is shown. This music will lead you to have a head-over-heels relationship with God; I am head-over-heels in love with Project Praise and I have officially stamped this live recording #PurplePinkED.


Stay connected with Brandon Booth and Project Praise on their website and make sure to grab the DVD & CD when released on iTunes.


Some iTunes Reviews 

by Lew Willie

So many good songs. This whole album really blesses me. I had to buy it twice! A hard copy and a digital copy. Buy it for yourself, your mom, your cousin, everyone. Congrats Project Praise!!!

Awesome CD! 
by ChefBoyarMi

God bless you guys!

by HariBeraht

This album is MASTERFUL! It is a well balanced work of art. The are varying styles that speak to every facet of creativity, but isn't overboard or contrived. Run The Race is an instant favorite and classic, but Power is timeless and powerful! Lord You Are So Beautiful is a true worshipers heart in song. And finally, a true work of art is in Worthy To Be Praised! Sure to usher you into an unadulterated atmosphere of worship! Project: Praise has created a wonderful project! A must buy!


Nuthin But Gospel

Lou Williams 

July 31, 2012



Brand new music dropped today from Baltimore, Maryland's (Murland!) own Project Praise. I'm still going through the CD, but I've been stuck on two songs most of today. Run The Race (which I've uploaded to the NBG SoundCloud page. That's not the single, but I took a lil liberty as the HNIC of this site. lol) and Oh, How I Love Jesus. You have me when you mix a lil church with a good hymn (Hold To God's Unchanging Hand? -- *baptist fit*) Run The Race had me doing the special usher anniversary march into work this morning. lol Enough talk. Head over to iTunes or CDBaby, check out the snippets and purchase a copy. 

About Project Praise 
Founded in February 2007 by Brandon Booth, Project:PRAISE is not just a concert group; it's an interactive musical experience. The sound, theatrics, energy; all of these are unique strategic gifts released under the anointing. Their assignment is to take you on an exciting adventure by witnessing the presence and the dominance of God.


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